BENOCS 3D – Billing

Since the internet first went commercial, billing for internet providers has been performed on a point-of-interconnect basis, typically charged for the throughput of an individual interface or link. However, the functionality of the internet has become more diverse. It is now more important to differentiate the commercial values of destinations, ingress locations, time of day and bit-mile-usage than before. 3D-Billing offers you a new way of monetizing your network more effectively by giving you the competitive edge for accurate and differentiated pricing.

Network Analytics Commercial Billing

How we do it

Network Analytics Commercial Billing

We integrate and cross-correlate Flow and SNMP values to make the data “billing-grade.” You can customize your view by isolating or combining any flow-dimension (source, destination) to determine price differentiation and billing classes. You can also export your findings in a format that fits the existing pre-billing formats of your billing engine. Therefore, we provide you with enhanced flexibility and minimize your billing integration efforts.

This product benefits those in IP wholesale and commercial peering departments, who require accurate knowledge on their IP transit.