A small company with big plans to revolutionize network traffic management.

Founded in 2013, we introduced the industry’s first ever ISP/CDN cooperative solution allowing them more network traffic control. Now, we give ISP & IPX networks and CDNs a strategic way to cope with growing content demands, while providing them with a competitive advantage.


Network traffic management is no longer a single player game.

Over the last decade, the network ecosystem has changed dramatically with the focus of ISPs now stretching beyond the scope of ISP interconnection. Today, CDNs – a once minor network actor – have developed into large network players, who now deploy their own infrastructure to keep up with increasing traffic volumes. However, they do so without proper knowledge of ISP network characteristics, like architecture, subscriber allocation and capacity availability.

As a result, ISPs have lost oversight of their networks. Without the ability to see how the other is behaving, both ISPs and CDNs are stuck wasting their resources to come up with educated guesses that may or may not optimize content delivery.

By providing sufficient transparency between ISPs and CDNs, we take the guesswork out of network mapping, making content delivery predictable and more reliable. This means delivering in-demand content, such as this website, faster to happy ISP and CDN customers.

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Monitoring your network is valuable and should be easy.

Just because your network is working, doesn’t mean it is working well. With network analytics, you can know for sure!

As ISP and IPX network operators, wholesale carriers and Cloud/Hosting/CDN businesses, you want to provide your customers with the best quality of service without failures or delays while optimizing your transit and peering.

With network analytics, you can find new customers, prevent network failures, locate incidents, analyze traffic level utilization and packet loss and find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had! Therefore, allowing you the possibility to provide your customers with the best possible service while saving you valuable time and resources.

Our tool, developed from a Telco perspective, enables you to deep dive into your network in just a few clicks, giving you the ability to make on the fly traffic decisions in real-time. Along with straightforward terminology, we make cross-departmental communication on network traffic easier than ever before.

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