Feature for Analytics

4D, 6D, 8D

Multi-dimensional traffic inspection enables an exploration of your network data-plane for troubleshooting and finding new business opportunities. By providing you with a high performance and easy to read visual, you can learn about your network’s traffic behavior fast. The best part is: you don’t need to be an expert to find value in your network.

This function allows you to visualize traffic over all dimensions while presenting information which otherwise may have been overlooked.

4D: From source to destination, this is the simplest view of traffic flows through the network. This view is ideal for wholesale & peering departments for spotting peering partners, evaluating transit revenue and lowering upstream costs.

6D: An extension of the 4D view to include ingress and egress (e.g. BNG and LER) routers. With this view, network operations and peering departments gain insights of capacity and utilization for build-outs, upgrades and finding new peering locations.

8D: An extension of the 6D view to include IP-prefix ranges. With this view, network operations and engineering are able to analyze traffic forensic in subnet-detail for debugging, forensic and route-exploration.

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