Feature for Analytics:

IGP Routing View

As network specialists, you understand that the network starts at its core. That is why it is important to know what is going on there, especially for debugging challenging network issues.With the IGP Routing View, uncovering how traffic transverses through the network has never been easier. Be able to see the changes on your network right down to the individual links and routers to determine paths and utilization. Perform historical mapping and trouble-shooting in just a few clicks, saving you both time and effort.

The IGP Routing View uses IGP (e.g. IS-IS, OSPF) information to display all links between any pair of routers as well as their capacity and utilization levels. Therefore, you can identify the type of traffic that is sent via your network and see changes in traffic behavior.

BENOCS IGP Routing View is for network operators, engineers and quality assurance departments that require a deep understanding of their network’s core behavior.

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