Feature for Analytics:

Rest API

Sometimes you need to integrate the information about your network traffic in your OSS/BSS tools for subsequent processing. That is why BENOCS Analytics also offer you the ability to query Rest APIs. With this feature you can get right into the data and build your own analysis or visualization. BENOCS Rest APIs can be transmitted onto any system, including routing automation and SDN.

The BENOCS Analytics Rest API allows any process to query the raw data directly. It supports multiple specialized interfaces used by BENOCS Analytics as well as SQL-like queries directly on the database, thus enabling expert queries on questions not being answered by Analytics visualization.

Our REST APIs are so powerful, we use them for building our applications as well as the Analytics visual. As expert network engineers, system developers and operators, you need access to data that is concise in order to build custom analysis specific to your needs. BENOCS Rest API makes it fast and easy.

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