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In the early days of the internet, knowing the amount of traffic going through your network via counter protocols such as SNMP was sufficient for estimating its performance. Nowadays, network traffic has grown in both size and diversity that SNMP alone cannot do traffic mix analytics. Instead, many network operators are finding flow data such as from Netflow to be more pivotal when tracking traffic behavior. However, we have learned that by only trusting a statistical data flow (like Netflow) can lead to false and misleading representations of network traffic. That is why we offer the SNMP feature for data cross-correlation, automatically correcting potential sampling-errors from Netflow sources.

Comparing Netflow and SNMP

BENOCS Analytics computes sampled Netflow data as its primary source for visualizing flows and cross-correlates it with SNMP/telemetry protocols in order to create an accurate and reliable picture of your traffic flows along with the accurate amount of traffic crossing your network. SNMP information is also used to augment capacity and utilization information.

Being able to see the amount of traffic on your network along with the entire source to destination traffic flows is beneficial for everyone doing network analysis.

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