Anomaly detection done right

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Network visibility is our specialty: We can show you things about your internet traffic that you never knew. By utilizing various internet protocols such as IGP, BGP, SNMP, NetFlow and DNS, BENOCS Flow Analytics already helps you and your company – among other things – improve peering negotiations, prospect new customers, improve capacity planning and, […]

How the BENOCS Director went from research to product

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Back in 2010, before BENOCS, our founder along with a few other researchers presented the new challenges facing ISPs: CDNs/hyper-giants and their poorly mapped traffic. In that proposal[1], they opened the research community to a new idea: the prospect of creating a system that would be implemented in the ISP network, which would use the […]

Episode 5: Vision Gaps: How to overcome them by evolving towards ISP-CDN interplay

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In the previous episodes, we mentioned that the internet demand is continuously growing, and the network infrastructure is no longer able to efficiently support the heavy traffic without costly upgrades and extensions. So far, we discussed the tools currently being used to support content delivery, why we think they are no longer efficient, and the […]

Episode 4: Vision Gaps: How BENOCS tackles the delivery of different types of content

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In the previous episodes, we explored the different approaches currently implemented into the network in order to keep up with the increasing customer demands and the delivery of content across the internet. Although they are currently capable of sustaining the higher demands and expectations, their systems are not efficient and require frequent and costly infrastructure […]

Episode 3: Vision Gaps: One step closer with ECS

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In the previous episodes, we took you on an “internet road trip” to help explicate some of the issues concerning content delivery across the network. However, the network does not work with such efficiency and simplicity as we have previously alluded. In fact, our previous metaphors are still missing some important features that are used […]

Episode 2: Vision Gaps Deep Dive: DNS Indirection

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After a long and stressful day of driving (almost stranded in the middle of nowhere without gas), you finally arrive to your destination tired and hungry. While scouring through the local phone book located in your hotel room’s desk drawer, you stumble upon an advertisement for a pizza delivery chain with three locations nearby. You […]

Episode 1: Vision Gaps: How to see through the internet forest

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Imagine that you are on a road trip almost exactly half way to your destination. You are at that part where it is simply you, the road, and the beautiful landscape that seems to go on for forever. This should be a relaxing and enjoyable drive, but instead you become frantic having just learned your […]

Network analytics will play a key role for future networks

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In just a few years’ time, the Internet has changed significantly. Starting as a hierarchical Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 topology, it is evolving more and more towards a mashup of directly interconnected networks, thus increasing its complexity both physically and logically. Driven by higher quality demands and lower transit network cost, content providers have been […]