Work and network traffic after COVID-19


Like any of you, we here at BENOCS like to ponder current happenings around the globe. Whether it be the political state of affairs in various countries, the cost of public transport in a chosen city or the quality of service at the Vietnamese restaurant down the street: You name it – we‘ll debate about […]

Fastly outage has also led to mixed outcomes


Yesterday, Fastly made news headlines after a configuration error led to a wide-spread failure of commercial and critical apps and websites. This phenomenon has not only led to a new general interest in the inter-workings of the Internet, but also, as most news sources reported, exposed how fragile the Internet can be. However, in a […]

Who filled my pipe? Flows on Links can help you figure that out

Features, General

Flow analytics tools, such as our own are great for seeing how traffic flows enters and leaves your network in order to determine its behavior. However, when it comes to answering questions such as “who filled my pipe (aka who is consuming valuable backbone capacity)?”, or “do I need to raise transit prices?”, you often […]

Not every network’s traffic increased during the COVID19 lockdowns.

General, Research

Since the period when most governments started mandating lockdowns and encouraging social distancing at the beginning of 2020, many network operators, SaaS, OTT providers and CDNs have been reporting unprecedented spikes in traffic volumes and content demand. But what about the other side of the coin? If the demand for the Internet increased, did traffic […]

The Internet during a pandemic: Maintaining the quality of service


As the COVID-19 continues to spread globally at alarming rates, governments and large companies alike are taking great preventative measures to slow the spread of the disease, such as by cancelling large events, limiting travel, and forcing employees to work from home. These initiatives are moving a large influx of people into the digital realm […]

How the BENOCS Director went from research to product

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Back in 2010, before BENOCS, our founder along with a few other researchers presented the new challenges facing ISPs: CDNs/hyper-giants and their poorly mapped traffic. In that proposal[1], they opened the research community to a new idea: the prospect of creating a system that would be implemented in the ISP network, which would use the […]