BENOCS Director

“BENOCS Director” taps right into the intelligence pools that ISP networks naturally hold but so far have not managed to leverage for highest performance end-to-end delivery. The combined approach of selective network monitoring, and cooperative traffic steering makes our software unique in the industry to evolve the next generation of content delivery in the internet by creating a dynamic collaboration between the operator and the content delivery network.  

Thanks to its interoperability with typical ISP network infrastructure and its scalability, our solution is easily deployed in any kind of ISP’s network.

“BENOCS Director” also features real time end-to-end path monitoring as well as a partnering interface in order to give out the information needed for content delivery control to enterprise customers or CDNs. Along with pure interconnection, we offer performance enhancing services so you can expand your product portfolio. Additionally, by reducing and balancing traffic in the ISP’s network through controlling content delivery, you can substantially grow your revenue.

By regaining control over content flow, you will see a balance in link loads and a reduction in overall traffic in the network, thus yielding significant capital and operational cost savings for network planning and operational departments—the quality of experience becomes better because the delivery fits the content.