BENOCS Director

The BENOCS Director is meant for both ISPs and CDNs who are looking to improve their QoS while saving on CapEx and OpEx.


BENOCS Director provides ISPs with improved network traffic conditions by visibility and content delivery control. Through ISP/CDN collaboration, ISPs enjoy better traffic conditions, cleaner networks and more control over network traffic behavior. Additionally, they save on CapEx and OpEx, while optimizing and stabilizing UX.

What is the BENOCS Director?

BENOCS Director is a network traffic management and optimization tool. It is the first ever solution that allows ISPs to facilitate optimal network traffic conditions and improve their network visibility through an automated mapping-data exchange with CDNs. The BENOCS Director gives ISPs the ability to share the relevant part of their valuable data on network topology and network status that they naturally collect on CDN behavior, thus allowing CDNs to make better content delivery decisions.

One of the major challenges facing ISPs today is their lack of control over incoming content traffic and little network oversight. CDNs have become the dominant traffic player over the last decade – top 5 CDNs produce >50% of traffic on most networks – but are still difficult for most ISPs to monitor and control. Without the ability to communicate with CDN network traffic and deployments, ISPs experience network bottlenecks (especially during peak-hours) and unnecessary detours of traffic. These factors can translate into customer dissatisfaction and excess network expenses. The BENOCS Director offers ISPs real-time CDN visibility as well as an inexpensive opportunity to help steer CDN traffic on the best path, thus improving user experience as well as network traffic conditions.

How it works:

improve network performance

By deploying the Director in the ISP network, ISPs send assign preferences of server-to-client paths to CDNs through automated signaling between the Director and the CDN. The CDN then chooses the best path based on path length and congestion. This results in 100% shortest path delivery and zero network traffic congestion.

Why choose the BENOCS Director?

Like most companies, ISPs want to provide the highest quality of service at the lowest cost. By installing the BENOCS Director, ISPs benefit from better traffic control and proven cost reductions on the backbone network.

Thanks to its interoperability with standardized protocols of ISP network infrastructure and its scalability, the Director fits every kind of network.

Benefits we’ve seen so far:

  • Better traffic distribution during peak hours for 15% savings in network capex
  • Proactive, adaptive and automated planning of network upgrades with up to 20% capex savings
  • Better QoE for network subscribers


The Benocs Director provides CDNs with the necessary information to make better content delivery decisions. By offering real-time end-to-end path visibility and delivery control as well as partnering interfaces, CDNs can optimize their delivery speed and traffic management.

What is the BENOCS Director?

One of the major challenges facing CDNs today is their lack of network visibility when delivering content to end-users via the internet. The BENOCS Director enhances CDNs’ mapping-systems with real-time end-to-end path visibility. Additionally, it provides fully informed delivery control through partnering-interfaces. This gives CDNs the necessary information to make better content delivery decisions for faster delivery service.

The BENOCS Director is a network traffic management and optimization tool that provides Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) data from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on network topology.

With this data, CDNs receive visibility of network traffic conditions and network topology, which enables them to always find the shortest uncongested path to any subscriber in the network. This results in a better quality of experience, and stabilized, organic utilization patterns on server clusters, which allows for savings on CapEx.

How it works:

improve content delivery

By deploying the Benocs Director, CDNs receive assigned preferences of server-to-client-paths through automated signaling between the Director – in the ISP network – and the CDN about network regions and network state.

Why partner with the BENOCS Director?

The BENOCS Director gives CDNs the opportunity to improve their delivery service at a very low cost. By eliminating the guesswork and gaining control, CDNs become friendlier to ISPs while saving on excess caching capacity.

Benefits we’ve seen so far:

  • 90% of all connections improve their speed by up to 20%
  • More efficient usage of delivery infrastructure means 15% reduction in server infrastructure costs
  • 20% opex savings in infrastructure operations by scaling audiences