BENOCS Flow Analytics

“BENOCS Flow Analytics” is targeted at IP Wholesale as well as Network Planning & Operations departments who need to look beneath the often too coarse “Autonomous Systems”-perspective – and beyond the traffic activity of only direct neighbors (who seldom originate the content for ISP end users). Our solution features detailed break-downs of complex traffic flows and high resolution historic traffic profiles for improved revenue management and efficient network operations.

See the dynamic flow visualization below which is used by typical carriers to identify delivery patterns and keep track of changes (in volume and/or patterns).

“BENOCS Flow Analytics” capabilities in flow identification and quantification also supports carrier’s network departments in accurately determining the status quo. Moreover,  classifications can be made to focus specific questions on certain traffic scopes. This helps tremendously the carrier’s understanding of the current state of internet delivery and the role of the own network in it.

See the information visualization below for a typical traffic set classification within an Autonomous System. This is just one out of many views BENOCS engineers so ISPs can make the right decisions.