Anomaly detection done right

Screenshot of an Anodot anomaly alert and next to it a screenshot of the corresponding incident in BENOCS Flow Analytics

Network visibility is our specialty: We can show you things about your internet traffic that you never knew. By utilizing various internet protocols such as IGP, BGP, SNMP, NetFlow and DNS, BENOCS Flow Analytics already helps you and your company – among other things – improve peering negotiations, prospect new customers, improve capacity planning and, of course, improve customer service.

You’ll forgive me the 1980’s infomercial reference, but here it comes:

But wait, there’s more!

Recently we teamed up with AI champs Anodot to give our customers even more insights into their network traffic.

You might be familiar with the following scenario: You sign up for notifications to alert you of important incidents affecting your network.  You set manual thresholds, outside of which the alarm bells start ringing: Here! Something important needs your immediate attention!

So, you quickly check the situation. False alarm.

Soon after, the next alert lands in your inbox: This time it’s worked. Thank goodness for alerts!

Then another alert comes in. And another. More false alarms.

Suddenly you are inundated with alerts, only a small proportion of which are useful. As a result, you generally don’t even bother much with them, deleting them with little more than a brief scan.

Problem solved

Anodot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn normal traffic patterns, detect and correlate anomalies, and create real-time alerts based on deviations from normal network traffic. This approach eliminates the problem of alert “noise”, that is, being spammed by alerts that shouldn’t be alerts in the first place.

Thanks to the integration of Anodot’s autonomous monitoring into BENOCS, one click in your email alert will send you straight to the relevant event in Flow Analytics, where you can study the issue in your network and remediate failures before they impact revenues.

Download the white paper to dive deeper into the combined Anodot and BENOCS anomaly detection solution and get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.

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