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BENOCS Anomaly Detection - email Alert


Companies: CSPs, CDNs

Roles: Network engineers


In today’s hyperconnected world, CSPs struggle to maintain a complete overview of their network. Network operations are becoming increasingly complicated as root causes for anomalies became more complex and span across peering- and CDN-borders. Often network  issues are not detected until they are already affecting end-users. Customers are unhappy and customer service representatives can do too little too late to rectify the situation.

A significant factor in detecting anomalies in telecommunications networks is alert “noise”: By aiming to detect anomalies, network operators set manual thresholds that for one reason or another are exceeded more and more. Network operators are bombarded with so many false alarms that they miss the important ones or end up ignoring the alerts altogether.

For this reason, BENOCS teamed up with Anodot. Anodot uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to learn your network’s normal traffic patterns, detect and correlate anomalies, and create real-time alerts based on deviations from normal network behavior.


The customer service team is receiving a high number of complaints about disruptions affecting end-users.


  • Deploy Anodot anomaly detection in BENOCS Analytics.
  • Anodot AI learns normal network behavior, identifying anomalies worth alerting about.
  • Anodot alerts network manager about unusual network behavior via email.
  • Network operator clicks on the link in the email and is taken directly to the relevant data in BENOCS Analytics to investigate the problem.


  • Future anomalies are detected reliably and fast.
  • Alert “noise” is eliminated.
  • The network operations team is alerted to anomalies in the network and can take action before service for the customer is disrupted.


Together with Anodot, BENOCS Analytics enables network operators to monitor and optimize their network more proactively than ever before. Issues can be identified and rectified before they impact the customer experience – and the business.

“The combination of Anodot’s fast anomaly detection and BENOCS Analytics’ network visibility allows us to not only see traffic shifts early on but also to understand the root cause. As a result the remediation is on target right from the start.”
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Armin Taube
Squad Lead Traffic Engineering und Traffic Analyse
Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH
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