Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs are networks of servers and caches used to bring content closer to the end-users in the internet, by that reducing latency, jitter and QOE-volatility and offloading traffic from network backbones. CDNs which predominantly serve an internal aplication are referred to as private CDNs (e.g. Netflix 2906, Google 15169, Facebook 32934), while CDNs serving mainly 3rd party content are called public CDNs. Major public CDNs are Akamai 20940, Fastly 54113, edgeio 22822 & 15133, Lumen CDN 202818 & 3356, Stackpath 20446 and Cloudflare 13335 .BENOCS Flow Director supports CDNs in the effort to allocate the optimal server clusters to individual user request.

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