Peering Optimization

Screenshot Flow Explorer - prospect identification


Companies: CSP’s, backbone operators, hosting providers, CDNs 

Roles: Peering managers, interconnection managers, IP transit sales


The complexity of internet networks is higher than ever before, making it increasingly difficult to identify business opportunities that would otherwise pass by unnoticed.

In providing end-to-end visibility of traffic flowing through your network, BENOCS Analytics helps you to optimize your network connections, saving you money and getting your traffic travelling faster and smoother through the network and beyond the edge.


See the CDNs using transit carriers in the backbone network to identify another CDN as a peering prospect.


  • Peering team identifies various CDNs as targets.
  • Utilize BENOCS Analytics’ tagging & grouping function to quickly identify relevant traffic flows from those targets.
  • Peering executives use compelling data from BENOCS Analytics and can approach the CDNs directly with a peering offer, discussing traffic levels and interconnect locations in details based on real-time traffic data.


  • Reduction in transit expenses
  • Improved network quality and user-experience through shorter paths
  • Reduced backbone utilization by optimizing interconnect locations with peers
  • Transparency for new peers and improved customer retention using BENOCS Customer Portal


BENOCS Analytics provides easy-to-understand visibility of your network, enabling the identification of new peering opportunities.

“Previously, we had a tool with which it took much more time to populate the information; it couldn’t analyze the traffic in a single view the way BENOCS does. BENOCS Analytics helped to optimize our peering policy.”
Rob de Ruig, KPN
Rob de Ruig
Interconnection Manager
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