Anomaly Detection & Monitoring

Struggling to maintain visibility of your telecommunications network? Discover how BENOCS and Anodot's AI technology can detect anomalies, optimize network performance and keep your customers happy.

Backbone Optimization

Optimize your telecommunications network with BENOCS Analytics. Give your network engineers full visibility and control over traffic and backbone capacity. Save on costs while providing the best service for your customers.

Capacity Planning

IP network architects need to continuously add capacity to keep up with increased utilization. This is usually done only after links have already reached critical levels of capacity. A complete overview of capacity levels in all the links in the network is crucial to be able to to reroute the traffic accordingly.

Customer Retention

A sudden drop in your network’s traffic could mean one of two things: Your customer has set up direct peerings or your competitors have established a shorter route. With BENOCS Analytics you can quickly identify traffic paths, giving you the insight you need to establish direct peering and win back lost traffic.

Network Visibility

BENOCS analytics enables seamless collaboration across all departments, from network engineers to architects and peering managers. Empower your team with accurate and efficient data in just two clicks.

Peering Optimization

A reduction in transit expenses and improved network quality are just two advantages to be gained by improving your peering management. BENOCS Analytics lets you to optimize your network connections by providing full traffic visibility in your network.

Prospect Identification

In providing end-to-end visibility of traffic flowing through your network, BENOCS Analytics helps you to optimize your network connections, saving you money and getting your traffic travelling faster and smoother through the network and beyond the edge.

Traffic Optimization

Geolocation challenges are currently mainly overcome by mapping traffic based on internal or third-party Geo-IP data, which neglects the actual topology and routing of the networks. A solution is needed to make a calculated decision based on the operator’s network topology and route traffic based on the actual network distance, capacity and utilization provided to you in real-time via an API.