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BENOCS Flow Analytics

BENOCS Flow Analytics solves network visibility challenges by letting you inspect traffic flows in their entirety: from source to destination, including how traffic enters, traverses and exits the network backbone. Using a 'top down' approach, you gain a holistic view of your traffic across multiple dimensions to identify and react to traffic anomalies fast, or identify new business opportunities in just a few clicks. The intuitive flow-based model makes it easy to share network information with your colleagues, regardless of their role or background.

BENOCS Flow Director

BENOCS Flow Director is a network traffic management and optimization tool that allows CSPs to facilitate optimal network traffic conditions and improve their network visibility through an automated mapping-data exchange with CDNs. Likewise, it gives CDNs the necessary information to make better content delivery decisions for faster delivery service, resulting in a better quality of experience, and stabilized, organic utilization patterns on server clusters.


September 28, 2023


Next week, from October 2-6, Hari Jayaraman will be in Fortaleza, Brazil, to attend LACNIC40. He’s looking forward to some interesting presentations, as well as finding out more about the wishes and needs of our Latin American and Caribbean customers! Please reach out to us if you’d like to schedule a meeting with him and …
August 28, 2023

European Peering Forum

Summer break is over and we can't wait to get to Prague next month for European Peeting Forum. The event is an absolute must for peering folks and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We are sponsoring the event, so please drop by our booth and let Stephan Schroeder, Hari Jayaraman or Péter György give you a demo of BENOCS Analytics!

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