Backbone Optimization

Screenshot of BENOCS Flow Analytics visualizing the traffic between two specific routers.


Companies: CSPs, backbone operators, hosting providers

Roles: Network engineers


In large telecommunications networks, network engineers need to trust that traffic is taking the most optimal path from start to destination. Or do they? Simply trusting and hoping for the best is no longer acceptable: Competition is fierce and communications providers need to save on costs while at the same time providing the best service for their customers. Network engineers need insight into the traffic versus the capacity of backbone links in their network.


The intercontinental link between New York and Frankfurt required additional maintenance and was overloaded beyond capacity for most of November 2022.


  • Filter the particular New York to Frankfurt link in BENOCS Flow Analytics to visualize traffic that traversed the link in November 2022
  • Route traffic to a different link to reduce overload


  • Reduced CapEx spending by 10%
  • Reduction in OpEx spending due to reduced maintenance


BENOCS Analytics gives full visibility of traffic travelling through the core backbone, allowing network managers to optimize routing, reducing both CapEx and OpEx costs in their network.

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