Network Visibility

Screenshot BENOCS Analytics - Multidimensional Traffic Inspection


Companies: Any network operator such as CSPs, Hosting, IP-Transit etc.

Roles: Network engineers, network architects, peering managers


While peering managers add more customers, capacity teams regularly add more and more capacity to existing links while also adding new ones. If a peering manager wants to provide a port/interface to a new customer, they have to contact the capacity team to check which port can be handed out. What if they had all the information in just two clicks?


A peering manager has a new customer lined up for a 10G port and they need to know which port to offer. While they can always rely on the capacity team for such information, they hesitate to disturb them, as they are currently in the planning phase. What to do?


  • Peering manager gets the onboarding session and saves a few bookmarks in Border Planner, Core Planner, and filtered customer traffic.
  • With the capacity and utilization information from Border Planner, the peering manager can suggest a port for a new customer.


  • BENOCS Flow Analytics provides better network visibility for everyone and reduces dependency across teams.
  • cross-functional collaboration between different teams.


BENOCS Analytics is a service for everyone from peering, capacity, IP core right up to management. With BENOCS Analytics, everyone speaks the same language.

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