Opening Ceremony TNC23

In the first week of June, Hari attended TNC23 in Albania, a first for us here at BENOCS:

“It was an eye-opening experience attending my first TNC in Tirana, Albania and listening to all the NRENs from different parts of the world such as GÉANT, NORDUnet, SUNET, CANARIE, UbuntuNet Alliance and many more. A common theme I noticed among all the NRENs is how passionate they are about working for the educational insitutions and the longevity of certain people in the industry, not to forget the openness of the community.

Special thanks to the organizers of this year’s TNC, RASH – Academic Network of Albania, who with their amazing hospitality and planning truly made this experience more memorable.

I’m certain the gathered insights will help us shape BENOCS Analytics in the right direction.

Looking forward to TNC’24 in Rennes!”

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