Jobs for Ukrainians

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Like so many others around the world, we at BENOCS are horrified by the invasion of Ukraine. Many of us are engaged as individuals in supporting refugees fleeing the country and those still there. However, we also wondered what we as a company could do to help.

We are 25 employees from 10 different nations, so are no strangers to working in an international team. In fact, we are convinced that our multicultural office enriches our team and creates an all-round great atmosphere.

So we’ve decided to help in the best way we can: by especially inviting Ukrainian full stack developers and data analysts to apply for open positions in our team.

We would like to give two Ukrainian refugees (and their families) a chance to gain a foothold in Berlin, so we have posted our two open positions on, a job platform for displaced persons from and within Ukraine.

If you are from Ukraine and would like to know more, jump on the website above or get in touch with us at! Ми раді вітати вас у нашій команді BENOCS!

Everyone else: Please spread the word!

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