Looking Glass

The BENOCS Looking Glass provides you access to backbone routing information as well as the ability to inspect routes from multiple points in your network.

What is it?

The Looking Glass is a fast, slim and scalable solution that listens as a route-reflector client to the BGP streams in your network. With it, you can easily look up routing tables by AS numbers or IP prefixes, in IPv4 and IPv6 anytime and anywhere. Additionally, it comes with the high performance BENOCS Core Engine (CE) – a proven high performer in some of the world’s largest telco networks. The Looking Glass also supports Ping and Traceroute, which we integrate directly into your network.

How we do it

The BENOCS Looking Glass can be made public and/or paired with BENOCS Analytics. By pairing with Analytics, you receive a private looking glass, which shows full BGP detail.

The Looking Glass holds historical snapshots for debugging and forensics. Additionally, we offer brand customization options so that it fits your company’s branding and image.

Set up made easy! Add the BENOCS Looking Glass to your BENOCS deployment or deploy it in your network with very little equipment. For the additional Ping and Traceroute feature, have commands issued directly on the router or via smart virtual network interface. No de-centralized infrastructure is needed!