BENOCS aligns with MCT Telco Global to spread network intelligence globally

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Berlin, Germany – Sep 14, 2020 – BENOCS GmbH and MCT Telco Global announce their new partnership to further spread network intelligence through the telecom world. With support from MCT Telco Global, Internet Service Providers and Telecoms in the Middle East and parts of Asia will now have easier access to the implementation of BENOCS intelligent solutions directly into their networks.

The new alliance with MCT Telco Global was established to open up new windows of opportunities for BENOCS GmbH outside of their European headquarters. “We are excited about MCT Telco Global’s broad relationship network and the extended reach to engage trustfully with potential customers in the region” Stated Stephan Schroeder, CEO at BENOCS GmbH.

“More bandwidth for internet, seamless communication and uninterrupted connectivity are extremely critical all over the world, which is currently affected by Covid-19 pandemic. By uniting BENOCS’ deep experience in telecommunication industry, its technology and products with MCT Telco Global’s customer base, we will be able to present higher quality, latest technology products to the clients which will enable them to provide wide range of communication services” stated Mehmet C. Toros, CEO at MCT Telco Global.


BENOCS GmbH – a spin-off of Deutsche Telekom – is a small company with big plans to revolutionize the way network traffic is managed. Their intelligent and fully automated solutions fit networks of any size and provide ISPs as well as CDNs strategic ways of coping with growing network traffic. With BENOCS Analytics, network operators, transit and wholesales carriers, Hosting and CDNs gain end-to-end visibility of their entire traffic flows.

About MCT Telco Global

MCT Telco Global is a specialized company in telecommunication and IT industry, which provides contribution to the clients to increase and sustain the growth, implement new technologies, find and unlash its hidden potentials. Having 25+ years’ experience of executives, wide partnerships with technology companies and its own products, MCT Telco Global offers the products and services to Telcos and Wholesale & Carrier Companies.

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