M247 to utilize BENOCS solutions for network visibility and business optimization

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Berlin, Germany – October 6, 2022 – Leading connectivity and cloud services company M247 has chosen BENOCS to visualize and monitor its network. With BENOCS Analytics, M247 enjoys full visibility of end-to-end traffic flows and its backbone topology, as well as intuitive capacity planning capabilities and AI-supported anomaly detection.

M247 is the first hosting provider in the BENOCS portfolio, which presents a special opportunity for both companies. M247 will benefit from the deep insights into its network that BENOCS provides, winning a competitive advantage. At the same time, BENOCS can cement its services in a further segment of the telecommunications industry, thus strengthening its position as one of Europe’s leading network analytics companies.

M247 Global Network Solutions Architect, Alin Stefanescu: “Thanks to BENOCS we can now see deep into every facet of our network. This helps us to ensure a high quality of service for our customers while simultaneously improving our operations, reducing costs and minimizing churn.”

BENOCS CEO Stephan Schroeder: “We are thrilled to welcome M247 as our valued customer and first hosting provider to implement BENOCS in its network. We look forward to working closely with them to help them optimize their network traffic, getting the best out of their business.”

About M247

M247 is a leading provider of advanced cloud, connectivity and hosting infrastructure in Europe, Asia, United States of America and Australia. Our comprehensive business solution portfolios, extensive global footprint and industry experts accelerate digital transformation journeys and simplify IT complexity.  M247 end to end solutions are designed & delivered with business outcomes as the focus and fully managed by our dedicated support and managed service organisation.


BENOCS GmbH – a spin-off of Deutsche Telekom – is a small company with big plans to revolutionize the way network traffic is managed. Their intelligent and fully automated solutions fit networks of any size and provide ISPs as well as CDNs strategic ways of coping with growing network traffic. With BENOCS Analytics, network operators, transit and wholesale carriers, hosting and CDNs gain end-to-end visibility of their entire traffic flows. For more information: www.benocs.com

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