Author: Rebecca Maschke

Anomaly detection done right

Features, Products

Network visibility is our specialty: We can show you things about your internet traffic that you never knew. By utilizing various internet protocols such as IGP, BGP, SNMP, NetFlow and DNS, BENOCS Flow Analytics already helps you and your company – among other things – improve peering negotiations, prospect new customers, improve capacity planning and, […]

Fast Indexing for Data Streams 


Our customers, some belonging to the biggest telecommunications providers in the world, need to monitor and analyze huge amounts of traffic. For this reason, Flow Analytics needs a substantial databank behind it. There is no shortage of database management systems on the market, which means we had to do a lot of testing, before deciding […]

Jobs for Ukrainians


Like so many others around the world, we at BENOCS are horrified by the invasion of Ukraine. Many of us are engaged as individuals in supporting refugees fleeing the country and those still there. However, we also wondered what we as a company could do to help.