Would you like to learn more about how Benocs contributes to network traffic management? Have a look at some talks and presentations given by Benocs’ Founder and CTO, Ingmar Poese.

RIPE 76, 2018

Title: Network-Aligned Content Delivery

Description: In this presentation, find out exactly what Benocs collects from the network and gain a quick and moderately technical insight on how ISPs and CDNs benefit from ISP/CDN collaboration.

ClickHouse Meetup Berlin, 2017

Title: LPM in Clickhouse

Description: ClickHouse is an open source column-oriented database management system that allows real-time data analysis. Find out how Benocs’ large collection of network data supports batch processing with ClickHouse.

Lecture in Internet Architecture and Performance, 2017

Title: Internet Traffic Engineering

Description: What is Internet Traffic Engineering and how does Benocs optimize content delivery in the network? In this video, you will receive a detailed description of the different mapping strategies for content delivery as well as how Benocs enables ISP/CDN collaboration to improve network traffic conditions.