BENOCS Capacity Planner for internal and external links

Having awareness over the link capacity and utilization in your network is vital for running your network efficiently and cost-effectively. With our Capacity Planner, be able to see the capacity and utilization of internal and external links in your network, know exactly when they need attention and when it is time for an upgrade or downgrade. You can also eliminate false-positives instantly through link-state examination and utilization alerts.

Network Link Utilization and Capacity

Be able to zoom in further on link bundles to see individual links and notice exactly which ones are experiencing the most overload.

Network Link Utilization and Capacity

How we do it

The Capacity Planner uses the SNMP/Telemetry information to provide an overview of all link states between the ingress and egress routers in your network. In addition, threshold setting and ranking functions create a focused heat map of trunks, allowing you to focus on areas that need the most attention.

Who is it for?

BENOCS Capacity Planner is for Network Operators and Engineers who need to know the state of their internal network on a regular basis and require this information fast.

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