BENOCS Flow Analytics

BENOCS Flow Analytics addresses network visibility challenges by providing the ability to inspect both IP or IPX traffic flows in their entirety, e.g from source to destination, including how traffic enters and exits the network backbone. Using a “top down” approach, you can view traffic in an organized manner across multiple dimensions to find and react to traffic anomalies fast, or identify new business opportunities in just a few clicks. The “flow-based” model also makes it easy to share network information with your colleagues, regardless of their role or background.

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About Analytics

Analytics for Networks

Flow Analytics is a high performance tool intended for ISP and mobile traffic. It collects data from multiple network protocols at several layers, such as Netflow, SNMP, BGP, IGP and other similar protocols, from diverse sources in the network through multiple aggregations and computes this data.

It then displays the results as an easy to read, multi-dimensional and accurate holistic picture of your network’s topology as well as transported traffic as well as the transported traffic.

Analytics for Networks

We believe knowing what is in your network should not be limited to those with a technical background. Instead, it should be available to and understood by all. From technician configuring BGP sessions to commercial sales, everyone should know their network traffic.


BENOCS Analytics is a network analytics tool for ISPs and Telecoms. Our tool makes it easy for network operation teams, engineers, planners and quality assurance departments to track network performance, troubleshoot faster and see the best time to upgrade. At the same time, wholesale and peering managers can find new partners, seek new business opportunities and strengthen customer relationships using the same tool.


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