BENOCS Analytics

“BENOCS Analytics” is a network traffic anayltics tool targeted at IP Wholesale as well as Network Planning & Operations departments who need to look beneath the often too coarse “Autonomous Systems” – perspective – and beyond the mere traffic activity of direct neighbors. Our solution features detailed break-downs of complex traffic flows and high resolution historic traffic profiles for improved revenue management, and efficient network operations as well as security.

Our simple integrated model has easy terminology, fast track & tracing of prospects, and quick validation of crucial data to improve yield management. See the dynamic flow visualization below, which carriers typically use to identify delivery patterns and keep track of changes (in volume and/or patterns).

“BENOCS Analytics” capabilities in flow identification and quantification also supports carrier’s network departments in accurately determining the status quo. Moreover, classifications can be made to focus specific questions on certain traffic scopes. This gives the carrier’s a better understanding of the current state of internet delivery and the role of their own network in it, thus making real-time decisions based on traffic patterns possible in order to bring out the most of your network at all times. The graphic below shows how the utilization of the links would change if we re-directed traffic.

In this case, the percentage of both sources’ utilization increases in the regions to which they are assigned.
With BENOCS Analytics you will see:

  • Improved Revenue & Cost Management: Using automated detection, we offer comprehensive predictions to identify the network’s best path available to reach the customer faster with richer data for targeting, and a higher conversion rates via best-informed sales force. Given that every traffic flow pattern has a different cost footprint, BENOCS enables you to charge the right price depending on network costs, thus preventing a costly traffic flow pattern.
  • Better Planning and Peering: Optimize peering identification locations and receive a break-down of trend analysis of content traffic to provide the best possible path between the content and the end user. By managing traffic, the total network load can be significantly reduced.
  • Enhanced Performance & Quality: By peering traffic load analysis on internal links, we identify the top/ most popular “service” via IP addresses, assess service quality via in-network metrics, and monitor traffic locality to optimize CDN mapping.